Strategy Execution

We help clients translate strategies into measurable results

Strategy Planning (Hoshin Planning)

An organisation that is truly matured balances its focus on action and results and makes constant course corrections to stay true to its purpose and vision. SSA offers a holistic and time tested approach to Strategy Planning based on its experience of guiding hundreds of industries world-wide. Hoshin Planning/Strategy deployment is a scientific process of creating strategies, deploying them, evaluating results and implementing lessons learnt and refining the process.

What We Do

SSA’s approach to Strategy Planning is holistic, proven and time tested. The aim is to galvanise the entire organisation towards a shared set of strategic goals and then drill-down to very specific outcomes and persist till it becomes part of the organisation’s culture and a way of life. The approach involves the following steps — define strategies, cascade them down, create an implementation loop with clearly defines roles and responsibilities.

How We Help Clients

SSA offers a proprietary 12 step approach to strategy planning that involves envisioning, strategy formation and drill-down to departmental and individual goals and objectives. Over time, as strategies are crystallised, the key challenge remains implementation and follow-through. A well documented strategy is only as good as its implementation. At SSA, we lay special emphasis on implementation. We achieve this through a meticulous “catch-ball” process of linking and cascading strategies down to the grass-root level workforce in the organisation. This is followed by a rigorous review regime to ensure people stay on course and also to ensure necessary course corrections are initiated in a timely manner so that time and effort is spared for only the most important strategic actions.