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Statistical Analysis for Six Sigma –
Minitab Training & Certification

Duration : 2 Days IACET CEUs : 1.6

This course aims to train the people who collect and analyze data in any organization to improve products and processes. The training covers analytical tools with a follow on with Minitab session. Minitab is a statistical analysis software used for the Six Sigma applications.

Learning outcome:

With this training in Minitab, participant will be able to identify the root causes, improve the processes, increase the productivity and eliminate the waste.

Target audience:
  • All Six Sigma green belt and black belt certified practitioners.
  • People who would like to use data for fact based decision making like R&D people Scientists, business analyst etc.
  • This course is for people who are interested in learning statistical analysis with the help of Minitab.
  • All those people who need to refresh their skills and abilities that they achieved through Six Sigma.
  • All people who collect data and report MIS to their management
  • QA professional
  • Finance executives
  • Business excellence change agents
  • Green and Blackbelts

No GB BB qualification is a prerequisite to attend this program.