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Lean Six Sigma to Leadership

Lean Guide

The Lean Pocket Book acts as a reference guide for both Lean practitioners and those who are new to the subject matter. In the book, content is compiled like a text book to enable easy reference. In addition, illustrative examples help memorize and implement the exercises in the book. Roadmaps before chapters and summaries after them give students an overview of the content.

Pragmatic Leadership

Pragmatic Leadership deals with a systematic approach to mastering leadership qualities beginning with personal leadership, then moving on to team leadership and finally, to organisational leadership. In each section, author has dealt with those leadership qualities that are important and discusses how to cultivate them as habits and values.

Lean Six Sigma Pocket Book

This pocket guide assumes that the user has gone through the Green Belt curriculum of Lean Six Sigma. The structure of pocket guide includes the RDMAIC® steps in the logical sequence of their application. Each phase begins with a detailed roadmap with illustrative examples. Summaries at the end of pocket guide help easy recall.