Design Excellence

SSA’s mantra is ‘Excellence in design’
by getting First Time Right (FTR) new product

Product Cost Reduction

SSA’s approach to product cost reduction aims to minimize the total part count, enhance the overall product life,& improve reliability and overall manufacturing cost. We use Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) as a key methodology; DFMA emphasizesreducing the total part count without tampering with the system functionality. Its objective is to optimize the design and bring about substantialimprovement in design efficiency.

What We Do

DFMA analysis is integrated at the drawing board stage of New Product Introduction. It comprises of three different phases: Functional Analysis, Fitting Analysis and Feeding Analysis.

  • Functional analysis classifies the essential components from the non-essential components which can be eliminated or combined with other components within the product assembly
  • Fitting and Feeding Analysis plan proper joining methods for assembly and analyses each component with respect to feeding, gripping, insertion and fixing operations to ease the manufacturing

How We Help Clients

We partner with our clients right at the early stage ofproduct development cycle.The objective is two pronged -- enable the client derivebenefits from the early stages of product development cycle and build a culture of design excellence through skill building and knowledge transfer to the designer community.