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February 2019 -Newsletter
Fishbone Diagram

Fishbone Diagram (also called as Ishikawa diagram), is one of the seven QC tools, commonly used in problem solving efforts to identify potential root-causes..

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January 2019 -Newsletter

Poka-Yoke means ‘Mistake –Proofing’ or in a more literal sense – avoiding(yokeru) unintentional errors (poka)..

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December 2018 -Newsletter
A3 Problem Solving

A3 Problem Solving is a structured problem-solving approach that embraces the Lean principles of Kaizen (continuous- improvement). It...

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November 2018 -Newsletter
Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a mapping tool that enables the representation of the end-to-end business processes of an organization. When fully populated...

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October 2018 -Newsletter
Level Scheduling

Level Scheduling (also known as Heijunka) is a manufacturing technique that aims to create a smooth flow of production over a period...

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September 2018 -Newsletter
Visual Management

A visual management tool highlights the status of the operations in an area at a glance and that signals whenever an abnormality occurs...

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August 2018 -Newsletter
Hoshin Kanri

Strategy planning is a scientific process of creating strategies, deploying them, evaluating results and implementing lessons learnt and refining the process...

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July 2018 -Newsletter
Lean Layout

Lean layout planning is one of the powerful tools for achieving lean by design in the factory. There are many decision that can be taken while committing to a layout....

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June 2018 -Newsletter
Lean Labs

SSA recently delivered a “Lean Lab” project for a leading Pharmaceuticals company in India. The company’s Quality control lab was the focus of transformation journey...

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May 2018 -Newsletter
ERP Blue Printing & User Requirement

Acme Industries (Name changed) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of a range of Pipes & Fitting products primarily aimed at non-retail customers...

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April 2018 -Newsletter
Tackling Complexity in Bespoke Manufacturing

ACME Services (name changed) is a mid-sized furnishing company that deals with interior designing, joinery & related works, primarily aimed for hotels...

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March 2018 -Newsletter
Lean Order Fulfilment

ABC is a leading paint industry in Oman. They recently embarked on a lean transformation exercise. One of the key levers they focused on was streamlining...

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February 2018 -Newsletter
Lean Business Intelligence System

ABC is a leading manufacturer of transformers & switchgear in Middle East. The company is a big believer in Lean & continuous improvement methods...

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January 2018 -Newsletter
Lean and Mean Food Industry

ABC is a leading name in the food industry in Middle East. The company is synonymous with high quality products across categories such as vegetable oils and...

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December 2017 -Newsletter
Streamlining Sales & Marketing

This assignment focused on streamlining the sales & marketing activities at ABC, a leading manufacturer & distributor of electrical products in Sri Lanka...

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November 2017 -Newsletter
Lean Leader’s Forum in Muscat

SSA International, Oman recently held a halfday conference titled Lean Leader’s Forum in Muscat on 23rd Oct. The primary goal of this seminar was to elucidate...

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