Case Study

Manpower Efficiency

Manpower Efficiency

Sector Manufacturing


This project focused on analysing manpower efficiency in a manufacturing unit with an aim to identify non-value adding activities and suggest suitable improvements opportunities to boost labour productivity and right-size the factory.

Actions taken

End-to-end time and motion study, identification of opportunities to simplify, combine, eliminate or modify tasks to reduce human burden, identify low cost automation opportunities.


Reduction of several non-value added tasks leading to freeing up of labour in various workstations. Return on investment with minimal to no capital expenditure. Improvement in overall culture of productivity in the factory.

Situation – deep dive

This project was delivered for a leading manufacturer in the GCC region. The project aimed to identify opportunities for eliminating non-value adding activities through scientific time and motion studies. On the back of this study, the management aimed streamline the manufacturing processes, reduce burden on the operators, as well as right size the labour force.

Actions Taken – deep dive

Sample Time/Motion Studies

Sample Observations

Results – deep dive