M&A Advisory

Our mission is to help facilitate a smooth
transition during pre & post acquisition stage

M&A Advisory

Mergers & Acquisitions are often complex to negotiate, replete with a host of challenges and potential derailers, both at the pre and post-acquisition stages. This is where an able advisor like SSA can help make the process smooth and relatively hassle free. At SSA, we understand the nuances of negotiating cultural complexities and balancing stakeholder interests while pursuing an ambitious corporate strategy. Our aim is to ensure that the new organisation has the right strategies in place with the right people with a clearly defined structure, roles and streamlined operating procedures to ensure a high performance organisation right from the get-go.

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What We Do

Strategy Integration

  • Discover the purpose, vision & values of the merged entity.
  • Develop Marketing, Product, Operations & Human Resource strategies.
  • Evolve business goals – short & long term.
  • Identify business KPIs that will drive performance.

People Integration

  • Review current structure and restructure to suit the new organisation.
  • Review people job descriptions and roles in order to avoid duplication.
  • Establish Key Result Areas (KRAs) and Goals in-line with the new structure, and new job roles.

Process Integration

  • Review processes across the organisation with a 'Lean lens' with a view to eliminate duplication and simplify processes, Identify and document best practices befitting the new organisation.
  • Establish a process management system to capture, document and standardise the to-be processes across the organisation.
  • Train people and orient them to the new processes, roles, responsibilities and KPIs.

How We Help Clients

Our approach is to deeply understand the board’s vision and to play the role of a trusted advisor to help realise the vision for the M&A. Understanding the context is just as important as evolving the right strategy. For e.g. a company may be pursuing a strategy of acquisition to expand its product portfolio, market reach or to vertically integrate. In each case the approach may vastly vary. Sometimes our advice may come in the form of pre-acquisition feasibility study to verify the claimed capacity of the unit under consideration and advice on its long-term growth potential.

Lean Guide

The Lean Pocket Book acts as a reference guide for both Lean practitioners and those who are new to the subject matter...

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