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Lean Start-up

Starting-up a new venture is perhaps the most exciting and rewarding experience for an entrepreneur. But this is a journey that is also replete with several potential failure modes. Chiefly among these is the risk of failing to keep up promises to customers or allowing a competition copy the business model and doing it better thus knocking the wind off the sail of the original innovator. This is why startup are in dire need of setting up world-class business processes that are robust, reliable and scalable. Further, identifying and deploying the right IT framework is also very much the need of the hour for any startup. This is where SSA can offer a one-stop shop solution for enabling start-ups establish world-class business systems right from day-1.

What We Do

We offer a well-rounded solution-set for startups that includes elements of strategy planning, business design, process management and IT enablement. We typically approach the lean startup journey in two stages — Stage-1 involves an intense workshop with the leadership team aimed at evolving the high-level roadmap for the business and a blueprint for the process framework. The workshop will aim to achieve the following objectives: review of strategy and 1-3 year roadmap for the business, mapping of the business value stream through a brown paper mapping exercise, identification of customer touch-points and critical to customer attributes, identification of core processes across the value stream. Stage-2 involves deployment of Process Management System & Repository. Typical deliverables of this phase will include identification and mapping of business processes across the value chain, creation of process repository for all key processes, identification of business risks and potential failure modes as well as mitigation plan, identification of key performance indicators and IT touch-points and defining expected user experience.

How We Help Clients

SSA’s services for Lean Startup focus on the following key deliverables:

  • Identify, Map & document all the business processes (SOPs) that will drive the business
  • Create a water-tight process repository in order to arrest business risks and to offer a reliable experience to customers
  • Identify and address process interfaces with the IT system in order to ensure seamless process flow
  • Advise on industry best practices – on a need basis, SSA may appoint a subject matter expert from the logistics industry to advise on best practices to be benchmarked & adopted
  • Identify Measure of Performance & Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Lay the foundation for continuous improvement
  • Training of the team and handholding for adoption of new processes
  • Design of management dashboards for KPI monitoring & continuous improvements

Examples of our work