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Lean Six Sigma

The power of Lean Six Sigma lies in its ability to combine Lean thinking with the powerful Six Sigma DMAIC framework to offer a time-tested problem solving approach. A Lean Six Sigma intervention involves aspects of waste elimination and defect reduction with the end result of robust product/service at the lowest possible cost. Lean Six Sigma assures breakthrough results in a time-bound manner, which can be quantified in terms of validated financial benefits. This methodology can be applied to any business model irrespective of nature of product or service offered.

What We Do

SSA possesses nearly two decades of proven expertise in bringing in Lean Six Sigma solutions to hundreds of industries world-wide. Our domain agnostic approach means we can quickly identify high impact opportunities and help bring in practical solutions to any and every business model be it manufacturing, transactional, retail, healthcare, hospitality or pharmaceutical industry. Our approach emphasises on change management brought about through engagement at all levels across senior, middle management and frontline workforce through a series of workshops, training events, coaching and review events. Our success rate is in the high 90s as evidenced from our overwhelming client testimony.

How We Help Clients

SSA believes in a bespoke approach to LSS deployment. Our approach varies vastly from client to client based on their unique requirement. If the primary objective is to solve a burning business issue in the form of customer rejections, material wastage or low manufacturing yield, then we bring in a focused and rapid roll-out of LSS tools to fix the problem on hand. If the objective is to achieve a long-term quality and excellence culture, then we bring in a holistic and sustainable deployment process aimed at employee training at all levels following the time tested LSS training tiers of Yellow, Green & Black Belt and Champions, enabling project selection and deployment through coaching and review process while simultaneously building internal capability in the forms of Master Black Belt development at the client site. The goal is to enable them to become self-sufficient within the shortest possible lead time.