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Lean Lab

A lean laboratory is one which is focused on testing products and materials to deliver results in the most efficient way in terms of cost or speed or both. Lean laboratory is a management and organization process derived from Lean Manufacturing and the Toyota Production System (TPS). The goal of a Lean laboratory is to use less effort, fewer resources, and less time to test incoming samples. Lean laboratory programs are generally associated with Food, Beverage, Life Science and Pharmaceutical companies.

What We Do

SSA’s Lean Labs deployment approach involves a systematic approach of studying the client’s current state value stream. This is done with the help of a brown paper mapping exercise which also helps in team building and getting to know the minute details of the entire process. Also along with this a gemba walk is done in order to know the variations in the process. Then a future map is created which will be the to-be process that will be free from all the variations (identified as Kaizens) found in the as-is process. This helps to increase the efficiency and reduce incidence.

How We Help Clients

SSA offers a proprietary 4D approach to Lean Labs. 4D stands for Diagnose, Design, Deploy & Develop. In brief — the Diagnose Phase involves to identify bottlenecks in laboratories which result in loss of productivity and longer lead times. The design phase involves to re-engineer processes in laboratories to increase productivity and reduce lead times. The Deploy phase leads to implement new processes & structure in laboratories. Finally, the develop Phase results to building a mechanism of lean lab sustenance & create internal team. SSA believes in handholding and partnering with the client with the help of Audits which leads to firm foundation of the develop phase.

Examples of our work