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Service Transformation (Lean in Service)

The adoption of Lean methods and systems thinking has been at an unprecedented level in service industry in the last few years. Thanks to the learning from early adopters from the manufacturing industry led by Toyota. The relevance of Lean thinking in transactional systems can never be over emphasised. Be it banks, insurers, airlines or hospitality industry, everywhere there is a need to do things quicker, cheaper and to the highest levels of customer satisfaction. This is the single biggest source of competitive advantage as evidenced by the startup wave witnessed worldwide be it Uber, Airbnb or Pepperfry in India that are revolutionising customer experience while offering reliable and streamlined services at an affordable cost.

What We Do

SSA is among the early proponents of service excellence in the region. We have helped hundreds of clients in India, South East Asia and Middle East to embrace service excellence as a way of life. The group has consulted with blue chip clients such as ABN AMRO, DHL, ICICI Bank and National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) to name a few, to setup service excellence practices that have helped them create a benchmark for service quality. Our approach lays emphasis on creating a bedrock of excellence culture through training, coaching, mentoring and skill building across all layers of the organisation. We realise that embracing excellence as a way of life is a long-term commitment and can be achieved only when sustain over time. This is why we help put in place an internal team that works alongside our consultants and eventually sustain the program long after we have gone.

How We Help Clients

SSA’s follows a highly customised approach to service excellence and we believe in adapting it to each clients unique needs. For example, when working with startups, we focus on creating a foundation of sustainable best practices through Business Process Management (BPM), IT Systems and Process Automation and Lean Service System design that will enable the client to assure world-class quality right at the get-go. When working with more mature organisations, we focus on developing high-impact transformation programs that will ensure greatest impact on customer value creation and service quality, cost and reliability.

Examples of our work