Lean Factory Design

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Lean Factory Design

SSA is often approached by clients that are in the process of either expanding their manufacturing facility or setting up a new factory aimed at capacity expansion or product portfolio expansion. While setting up the new facility it is prudent to avoid old problems and embrace Lean Manufacturing practices to ensure that the new facility follows proven best practices right from the get-go.

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What We Do

Our approach to Lean Factory Design (LFD) ensures that the plant functions in a Lean way right from day one. This includes capacity planning, machinery and manpower planning based on current & future demand projections. Establishing flow and easy operations with an aim to avoid “waste” in all forms. Creating a bright, productive and scalable factory by applying “lean thinking” in every aspect of its design. And last but not least, creating streamlined support functions through simplifying the order fulfillment process to ensure timely and hassle free order execution. Our LFD approach transcends Technology Plan, Factory Automation, Material Handling Plan, Quality Plan, Supply Chain Plan and Warehouse Automation.

How We Help Clients

SSA’s Lean Factory design involves following stages:

While visualizing the new factory, we take into account:

  • Short lead time manufacturing.
  • Minimum inventory at all stages.
  • Ergonomic workstations with easy access to materials and tools.
  • 5S & housekeeping.
  • Lean order fulfillment process taking into account promised day delivery performance and OTDIF goals.
  • Establishing Kanban linkages within the factory and will supply partners.
  • Level scheduling practices to deal with demand fluctuations.
  • Lean organization structure with value stream thinking to enable just in time supplies.
  • Inventory planning based on scientific demand analysis.
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Lean Factory Design

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