Case Studies

IT Transformation in Service Industry

IT Transformation in Service Industry

Sector IT Excellence


This project focused on transforming the IT backbone of a large and prominent institution in Oman that offers billing and support services to the utilities sector in the Sultanate.

Actions taken

SSA undertook an end to end assessment of the IT system, identified gaps and suggested the future-state IT/Business framework. This was then translated into a detailed user requirement and RFP document.


The new system designed will make the organization lean & agile. It will also lower the business risk and facilitate timely invoicing, avoid penalties and improve overall customer satisfaction levels.

Situation – deep dive

The current system had several pain points that exposed the business to delayed billing/collection, losses due to penalties and risk expose due to lack of adequate checks and balances. The project therefore aimed to assess the current gaps in the IT framework and develop an appropriate future state to meet the business and customer needs.

Actions Taken – deep dive

  • Study current IT Systems and its inefficacy to address business requirements
  • Propose new Information and Systems Architecture
  • Impact Analysis of Proposed Systems
  • Operational – process and tools
  • Organizational – Work related

Actions Taken – deep dive

Results – deep dive

The news system promises to deliver the following outcome:

  • On Time Decision making due to real-time data availability
  • Reduce senior management and middle management time to generate reports and focus on value adding activities.
  • Single truth across the organization supported by single set of data
  • Deliver historical and enhanced business intelligence
  • Enhanced data quality and consistency. Individual departments use same data repository and hence reports and queries alignwith other team within organization.