Case Study

Future-State Factory Design

Future-State Factory Design

Sector Manufacturing


A switchgear manufacturer planned to move the current operations to a larger factory & sought for SSA’s expertise in the arena of factory design.

Actions taken

Capacity assessment and manpower analysis was undertaken for every machine in the factory, coupled with demand analysis, a factory design was proposed.


Outstanding analysis on the requirement of machines, manpower was prepared by SSA, which the company adopted in their premises.

Situation – deep dive

Amid a challenge with regards to calculations of the number of machines required at the new proposed factory, JKL practiced caution before wanton purchase of expensive machinery.

SSA stepped in and underwent a series of analysis that revolved around the situation in hand to propose the scientifically derived numbers that JKL should possess in order to fulfil customer demand for five years to come.

With growing demand and inability to cater to the market on time, JKL approached SSA for making a demand-based capacity assessment to furnish a solid report that would go on to form the guideline for their machinery procurement decisions.

Actions Taken – deep dive

The actions that were undertaken to derive the capacity of the future factory and the corresponding number of machines involved:

  • Calculation of Cycle Times of all the machines
  • Value / Non-Value analysis of the machinery activities
  • Derivation of # of machines required to meet the demand, on basis of takt time
  • Extrapolating the calculations across a span of 5 years, on the basis of provided future demand numbers
  • Calculation of required number of labour for getting the activities done
  • 5 different factory designs for 5 years of demand & layout design to maximize flow of product & ensure meeting demand

The above calculations enabled SSA to chart near-accurate numbers that supported JKL in their purchasing decisions for the new factory

Results – deep dive

  • SSA furnished a scientific report that justified the requirement of new machines at JKL
  • The layouts that SSA prepared helped JKL to design the new factory which went on enabling them in meeting the growing customer demand