Case Studies

Lean Transformation across the Value Chain

Lean Transformation across the Value Chain

Sector Service


A large furnishing organization sought assistance from SSA in order to introduce monitoring system that enables them keep track of important charts & figures for reviewing the projects’ progress.

Actions taken

An Excel-based Fact-Based Management system was created across the value chain, that automatically provided the desired charts & figures for the KPIs chosen by the Mgmt.


An elaborate data-capturing system was prepared that comprised of all the important KPIs that the management deemed critical

Situation – deep dive

  • This company, despite the sheer size of it, lacked visibility of critical data points and charts that could be used to track the health of the organization.
  • The monitoring of such critical information was deeply desired by the top management and SSA assisted in the preparation of the same.
  • Several rounds of discussions with the teams and the top management unveiled a list of KPIs that included primary and secondary KPIs.

Actions Taken – deep dive

In order to capture the essence of all the important departments across the Value Chain and their critical pain areas, the project was kicked-off with a Brown-paper mapping exercise. The same brought to surface the inter-departmental challenges that needed to be addressed.

Following the Brown-paper exercise, the challenges & pain areas were enlisted, which helped in preparing a sundry list of KPIs. Since the list of KPIs consisted of KPIs that were secondary in importance, the top management intervened to assist us in segregating them based on importance.

The team discussions further assisted SSA in creating Excel-based data capturing system that went on into usage by all the teams across the value chain of the organization

Results – deep dive

Excel-based data capturing system was created to facilitate easy tracking of important information, which was at management’s disposal real-time