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ERP Blue Printing & User Requirement Documentation

ERP Blue Printing & User Requirement Documentation

Sector IT excellence


This assignment focused on Identifying the current gaps (Process wise as well as IT wise) in the various processes in the entire value chain as well as support functions in ABC Co. which is a leading Pipe manufacturing company.

Actions taken

Various Processes were mapped to identify the current gaps in the process flow.


Gap report for each function was prepared highlighting the gap, the possible process correction and what the new ERP to support as well

Situation – deep dive

ABC Co. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of a range of Pipes & Fitting products primarily aimed at non-retail customers and contractors executing large projects. The company was in mode of getting a new ERP system for improvement of the Gaps. But the gaps in ABC Co. were not only IT related instead, quite a lot of business management gaps currently there if not addressed would have created even more strain on the company. Hence, The project objectives therefore were:

  • Current process mapping of the functions
  • Identification of gaps in the current processes
  • Identification of gap fulfilment process wise as well as what ERP should provide as solution to current gap

Actions Taken – deep dive

The First Stage involved multiple rounds of discussion with each process owners and their teams to map the entire process and identify gaps as well as bridging of the gaps process wise & ERP wise

In the Second Stage, the gap report was prepared with for each function. Based on the solutions identified To – Be process maps were created for them to visualize ideally how the processes should flow

Results – deep dive

  • ABC Co.’s Management has appreciated SSAs approach and has commended Gap Report presented to their senior leadership team.
  • The Entire value chain Processes have been mapped with their current As – Is state
  • To - Be processes have been designed for everyone to understand how the processes should flow in the entire company