Design Excellence

SSA’s mantra is ‘Excellence in design’
by getting First Time Right (FTR) new product

Engineering Services Outsourcing (ESO)

Our offerings on ESO are no longer just 3D CAD modelling or making drawings. Since its inception, SSA Techknowlogies envisions strategic approach for customized solutions on the ESO front. With decades of experience from various fields, our team has handled complex projects for Fortune 500 companies in India. Major area of expertise includes partnering with client for their NPD phases. Our unique contribution lies in delivering a product/design, which is First-Time-Right. The company has mastery in Engineering Services Outsourcing or ESO with which it helps the organizations in their product development.

Key factors that have made us a preferred choice for Engineering Consulting Services in India are:

  • We start by understanding the latent as well as stated needs of the clients, which includes application of design tools like VOC Benchmarking & Quality Function Deployment.
  • We apply Quest© model for comprehensive market research and analyze the competitor’s comparisons in order to develop the best product for our clients.
  • We take special measures to reduce the cost of new product. We apply Value Engineering during design stage which targets on increasing the functional value to the customer resulting in product cost reduction
  • We also apply DFMA - Design for Manufacture & Assembly Techniques method during designing stage which targets on product cost reduction by minimizing the no. of parts, designing the product for ease of manufacture and assembly.
  • We identify potential risks/failures during design stage itself and mitigate them with application of analysis tools like System FMEA & Design FMEA.
  • We extend our expertise for prototype support at client’s end. We also have the capability for Reliability Engineering application on the product, which can estimate the life of the product during prototyping.
  • Apart from the above, we possess strong commitment for Design Excellence through secured Project Management, regular project coordination, updates, reviews, and access to Design libraries & all major CAD/CAE platforms for all types of 2D/3D designs & analysis.
  • We take special measures to reduce the cost of new product.
  • All the manufacturing & assembling issues are analyzed beforehand during the drawing board stage so as to make sure that the product developed does not lack at any aspect during production or after hitting the market.

Some of the major activities that are covered within the scope of our ESO

  • Product design
  • Industrial design
  • Identify customer requirements – latent & stated using QFD, DFSS techniques & Gemba study
  • Concept development
  • Apply DFA (Design for Assembly) to evaluate product design suitability for Lean manufacturing systems
  • 3D surface and solid modelling in CAD
  • 2D drafting
  • 2D & 3D digital rendering services
  • Material selection
  • Apply DFM (Design for manufacturing) techniques for design optimization
  • Animation and simulation services
  • Ergonomics Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Cost Estimation
  • Detail design and documentation in CAD
  • Bill of material & Test specifications
  • Conduct DFMEA and PFMEA on products and processes