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Engineering Service Outsourcing

Engineering Service Outsourcing

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This project focused on outsourcing of engineering services. The goal was to achieve design and development at reasonable cost, desirable quality and timeframe.

Actions taken

SSA undertook complete design outsourcing services with an aim to achieve desired out come. This included 2D to 3D conversion, design optimization, all achieved at desired time and cost.


Several components and sub-assemblies were successfully designed and converted from 2D to 3D and delivered to client’s satisfaction

Situation – deep dive

This project focused on engineering services outsourcing for a leading air conditioner manufacturing in GCC region. The brief was to partner with their design team to understand the current design, suggest most cost and time effective approach to designing activities and then to undertake the design outsourcing from the remote location.

Actions Taken – deep dive

  • SSA received required data such as 2D drawings, STEP Files and bill of material for some of the products under the project scope.
  • Based on inputs provided by client’s design team, 3D models were developed in Autodesk Inventor®2018.
  • Completion of 3D models was followed by development of 2D assembly drawings & welding drawings with detailed dimensions & other details required from the fabrication perspective

Results – deep dive

  • Development of 3D parts, 3D assembly, 2D manufacturing & welding drawings, Fasteners List and bill of materials for the respective products.
  • On-time successful delivery of designs.
  • Various issues arose during development of models were solved remotely, by coordinating with client’s design team.