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IT Transformation in Service Industry

This project focused on transforming the IT backbone of a large and prominent institution in Oman that offers billing and support services to the utilities sector in the Sultanate.

Transformation for Electrical Trading Industry

This assignment focused on streamlining their sales & marketing activities with an aim to cut down enquiry to order turnaround time..

Lean in Pharmaceutical Industry

This project focused on application of lean methods across a pharmaceutical industry. The aim was to study and unearth “waste” in the system that added to the burden of excessive efforts and resources.

Engineering Service Outsourcing

This project focused on engineering services outsourcing for a leading air conditioner manufacturing in GCC region.

Product Cost Reduction

This project focused on design optimisation of a genset canopy. The feedback from sales & marketing team was that they were losing out to competition due to high product cost.

Transforming a Finance Industry

This large-cap Finance company in Oman was segregated in four major sections, which required a different approach..

Tackling Complexity in Bespoke Manufacturing

ACME Services (name changed) is a mid-sized furnishing company that deals with interior designing, joinery & related works, primarily aimed for hotels, villas and the kind.

Lean Order Fulfilment

A core team of change agents was constituted. The team was trained on Lean supply chain fundamentals and exposed to practical application of these tools.

Lean Business Intelligence

A core team of change agents was constituted. The team was trained on Lean fundamentals and exposed to practical application of these tools.

Streamlining Sales & Marketing

This assignment focused on streamlining the sales & marketing activities at ABC, a leading manufacturer & distributor of electrical products in Sri Lanka.

Lean and Mean Food Industry

ABC is a leading name in the food industry in Middle East. The company is synonymous with high quality products across categories such as vegetable oils and comfort foods.

Lean Supply Chain

Deploying Lean Supply Chain systems at a leading FMCG group in Sri Lanka. The project aimed to optimize inventory & service levels.

ERP Blue Printing & User Requirement Documentation

This assignment focused on Identifying the current gaps (Process wise as well as IT wise) in the various processes in the entire value chain as well as support functions...

Streamlining the End-to-End Value Chain

This assignment focused on streamlining the End-to-End Value Chain for a mid-sized furnishing company at Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Lean Factory Design

Launching a new production site is the best opportunity to avoid old problems and ensure optimum utilisation of space and productivity of people

Lean Diagnostic Study for Profitability

A diagnostic study was taken at the largest steel producing company in Oman, aiming to seal the profit leakages that the company suffered with

Future-State Factory Design

A switchgear manufacturer planned to move the current operations to a larger factory & sought for SSA’s expertise in the arena of factory design.

Lean Transformation across the Value Chain

This assignment revolved around the end-to-end value chain of a major Finance company in Oman that deals with buying debts & collection along with meter-reading...

Fact-Based Management System

A large furnishing organization sought assistance from SSA in order to introduce monitoring system that enables them keep track of important charts & figures for...

Lean Labs for an Indian Pharma Major

XYZ pharmaceuticals Ltd (name changed to protect confidentiality) is a leading Top Pharmaceutical Company manufacturing total healthcare solutions, active pharmaceutical products.

Lean Labs

This project focused on application of “Lean Labs” in a pharmaceutical industry with an aim to reduce lead time for sample analysis as well as improve productivity of QC/Analyst team.

Manpower Efficiency

This project focused on analysing manpower efficiency in a manufacturing unit with an aim to identify non-value adding activities and suggest suitable improvements opportunities...

Pharma CAPA

ABC Pharma aims to foster a systematic root cause analysis and corrective/preventive action culture within the organization at all levels and across all functions.